Partnerships at Work

By Ken Burdick

Partnership is one of our longstanding values and a vital part of WellCare’s business. And when we think about the future of healthcare, partnerships span a broad spectrum, from joining forces with government partners to collaborating with members to help them get healthy and stay healthy.

As an industry, we know that one of our most important partnerships is with primary care physicians. We forge these relationships through value-based agreements that reward for quality care rather than the number of procedures completed.

We put that same emphasis on partnership with our members. With nearly 4.4 million members, WellCare understands the value of personal relationships—especially as our members continue to look for ways to optimize the care they receive. For our members with multiple chronic illnesses and other challenges, we visit their homes, help schedule doctors appointments and ensure they have the support they need. It is a crucial part of engaging our members through our one-on-one, care manager approach.

We also find valuable partnerships in the community. WellCare is a mission-driven company that believes in giving back to the communities where we live and serve. Last year, more than 6,000 associates volunteered through the WellCare Associate Volunteer Efforts (WAVE) and Day of Service (DOS) programs. I’m proud that approximately 75 percent of our associates participated in these activities.


Closest to home, WellCare believes in the importance of partnering with each other. One way we do that is through our WellCare Associate Assistance Fund (AAF). We created this program in 2017 to help our associates when they need it most—whether they are recovering from a natural disaster or dealing with an extraordinary medical need. This past year, WellCare associates helped 100 of their co-workers to recover from difficult circumstances beyond their control. I can’t think of a more powerful partnership than that.

These are only a few examples of partnerships we find critical to our business, and by no means is our work complete. In fact, it is just beginning. Partnerships are at the center of everything we do and will help drive the results we plan to achieve in the future.

Brighten, eyes, teeth     Kenneth A. Burdick is the CEO of WellCare Health Plans

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