WellCare Launches New Brand Promise: A Better You

By Rhonda Mims

When you hear the word “brand” you might think of the Nike swoosh, Coca-Cola red or the California Milk Processor Board’s celebrity ad slogan: “Got Milk?”

But a brand is much more than a logo, icon or memorable slogan.

A company’s brand is a promise to the marketplace. And successful brands consistently deliver on their promises, which is how they create brand value.

During the past six months, WellCare set out on a mission to evaluate its own brand. We looked at our key competitors in the industry; conducted research with consumers and providers in our markets; and held focus groups with our associates.

What did we learn?

We go beyond healthcare

At WellCare, we understand being healthy is affected by so many parts of your daily life. For more than 20 years, WellCare has differentiated itself by helping members live better, healthier lives. We take an integrated, holistic approach to care and connect our members to needed programs and services – many of which go beyond just healthcare.

Our commitment to integrated care management helps our Medicaid and Medicare Advantage populations achieve better health outcomes. For example, WellCare’s Community Assistance Line (CAL) is a toll-free, nationwide line that helps callers (both members and non-members and Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members) overcome social or economic barriers and works to connect them to social services or community-based programs such as food, transportation or housing.

That’s why we pride ourselves on helping our members get the right care, at the right time and in the right setting. Whether it’s helping them find the right doctors or specialists to manage their conditions, or connecting them to needed social services through care management to help address social and economic barriers to care.

A brand promise must be consistent with your mission

At WellCare, our mission is one of service. Our members are our reason for being. Day in and day out, our 9,000 associates work to help our members live better, healthier lives. In developing our brand promise, we needed something that reflected this important mission.

The result? WellCare’s new brand promise: A Better You.

This brand promise is brought to life by our new tagline, Beyond Healthcare. A Better You.

Blue is tiredBillboard_Fnl_v2_3_Caucasian_Seniors_Biking

As an industry, healthcare is “blue.” Dozens of healthcare companies exist in a sea of sameness with ubiquitous blue logos and design schemes. Just as WellCare has differentiated itself from the industry through its commitment to removing barriers to healthcare, we needed a way to differentiate the look and feel of our organization’s optimism and energy. While the company’s logo will remain blue, WellCare will incorporate a vibrant orange color scheme for the rest of its communications.

AFrame_Pstr_Bndlss_Afro_Am_Fnl_v2_2.pngDuring the next year, WellCare will be rolling out its new corporate branding across the organization, so look for more updates through WellCare’s communication materials, wellcare.com and the company’s social media channels.

A Better You

Most importantly, A Better You isn’t just another tagline or updated color palette. A Better You is how we treat the whole person and help our members overcome social and economic barriers to care.

It’s our promise to offer a more supportive, integrated and holistic approach to care for our more than 4.4 million members across the country.

We look forward hearing your thoughts and to working with our members, providers and associates to go Beyond Healthcare. A Better You.


Rhonda Mims is WellCare’s senior vice president and chief public affairs officer.

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